Korean Skin Care Routine Day And Night

Korean Skin Care Routine Day And Night

Korea’s skincare daily routine

The Koreans with their beauty hack worth stealing, like the Japanese with their rice marks beauty routine, they are ever looking young, admired, and beautiful. There is a popular joke in Korea, the old compete with the young. Yes, that is true, and everyone is on the loose to gather some tips on the Korean skincare routine day and night. Here is a list of what to expect from this. Check out these guidelines on How To Make Grape Vinegar At Home.

Korean skin care routine day list
Use water to wash
Apply Toner
Apply Essence
Apply Ampoule
Apply Serum
Apply Eye Cream
Apply Moisturiser
Apply Sunscreen
Korean skin care routine night list
Use Oil Cleanser
Use Water-based Cleanser
Use Exfoliate
Apply Toner
Apply Essence
Apply Ampoule
Apply Serum
Using Sheet Mask
Using Eye Cream
Apply Night Moisturiser
Get Enough Sleep

Follow me into the world of Korean beauty queens.

Korean skin care routine day (morning)

To really understand the Koreans and why they spend so much time in a single day following some simple steps to care for their skin, then you must continue reading to understand. There are 10 skincare steps a Korean beauty queen follows every day just to maintain her skin and keep the world in admirations.

It is said that hard work pays, with Koreans, hard work is a must when it comes to following these morning beauty steps. Read more about the Health Benefits Of Black Grapes.

1. Use water to wash

Washing face with water helps to remove some overnight foreign bodies and help keep your skin hydrated, and avoid using face cleanser.

2. Apply Toner

Applying a toner after water wash helps prevent the skin from getting dehydrated and dry and balance the pH level of the skin and helps your skin absorb other skin products. Use this SkinCeuticals equalizing toner for the best results.

3. Apply Essence

Applying facial treatment essence helps skin look younger by hydrating your skin complexion, it is also the go-between serum and a toner.

4. Apply Ampoule

An ampoule skin revitalizing is a higher serum which contains more concentrations of active ingredients, you can use it for as much as you want to help boost your skin. It helps to return skin to natural radiance and vitality, it contains vitamin B5, vitamins B3, and vitamin C.

5. Apply Serum

With serum, you can target specific skin problems skin dehydration, dark spots on the skin, and wrinkles because it is concentrated with so many active ingredients. Invest in this skin-brightening serum for better results.

6. Apply Eye Cream

Applying Olay’s ultimate eye cream to the socket and brow is important, this is because these areas have thin skin with no natural oil, applying eye cream helps protect it and also keep it hydrated.

7. Apply Moisturiser

We all know the importance of moisturizers, to keep the skin hydrated for a whole day by applying strivectin advanced retinol day moisturizer to your skin.

8. Apply Sunscreen

Most people think sunscreen is only done in summer, here the Koreans have proved you can apply sunscreen anytime to help prevent wrinkles, dark spots. It helps with protecting the skin from UV rays with sun bum original SPF 30 sunscreen lotion.

Korean skin care routine night

After a long day, you don’t want to leave you with the same products all day, you have to go to work as the Koreans do. Here are some of the nighttime skincare routine.

1. Use Oil Cleanser

Oil cleanser is used to remove foreign bodies and the oil makeup you wear all day. You can the DHC deep cleansing oil to achieve this.

2. Use Water-based Cleanser

The next is to use a water-based cleanser like the bubble foaming cleanser to clean off the leftover impurities and any leftover oil cleanser.

3. Use Exfoliate

Using Loreem skin exfoliator a week stimulates circulation, and slows down aging by directing oxygen and nutrients into the skin and can be done twice a week. To avoid thining your facial skin, avoid manual face scrubs, and use an acid-based cleanser to gently remove dead skin cells.

Using skin exfoliation allows any night product to penetrate to the layers of skin and target where it is required or intended.

4. Apply Toner

Applying a toner after water wash helps prevent the skin from getting dehydrated and dry, the balanced pH level of the skin, and helps your skin absorb other skin products. For the best natural hair try The Side Effects Of Apple Cider Vinegar On Hair.

5. Apply Essence

Applying essence during the night helps skin look younger by hydrating your skin complexion, it is also the go-between serum and a toner.

6. Apply Ampoule

Applying this at night will help the skin absorb every hydration needed through the night. You may also want to read about What Selenium Sulfide 2.25 Shampoo Used For?.

7. Apply Serum

Vitamin C and E help to protect the skin against UVA and UVB, also antioxidants help repair and prevent skin damage. By using the nighttime serum, you are protecting your skin from any damage. If you are having hair fall, find out more about How To Stop Hair Fall And Regrow Naturally.

8. Using Sheet Mask

The sheet mask is a saturated cloth used by Koreans as an anti-aging treatment and deep skin hydrating. The ingredients it contains works for every skin type with loads of benefits. Also, check out Best Cream For Dark Skin Tone.

9. Using Eye Cream

The skin is thinner around the eyes and requires more ingredient mixes than the rest of your skin. Applying eye cream helps to reduce puffiness around the eye in the morning and also helps constrict blood vessels. The best under eye creams will also even out all wrinkle lines under the eye, keeping your morning look fresh and glowing. 

10. Apply Night Moisturiser

Night moisturizer makes your skin/complexion look alive when you wake up.

11. Get Enough Sleep

Getting up to 8 hours of sleep will not only make you healthier but also your skin will regenerate looking smooth and healthy. Want to know what products to use on natural hair, check this out What Products To Use On Natural Hair.

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