How To Make My Boyfriend Hard

How To Make My Boyfriend Hard

How To Make My Boyfriend Hard

His Sex Libido Is Taking A Toll On My  Confidence, Can some one tell me how to make your boyfreind hard ? I keep asking my self everyday, how do guys get boners, because my boyfriend right now, he is struggling to get a fully erect, he just can’t get it up when I need him most!

how to make my boyfreind hard - Why can't my boyfriend stay hard?

Why can’t my boyfriend stay hard?

Recently, the problem has been wearing on me even more. It has gotten to the point where it seems like he is never interested in sex! I mean what do I do?

Am left wondering how to make my Boyfriend hard? His failure to launch has me wondering if there are any guides that can help on How To Make my Boyfriend Hard?

This problem has even begun to hurt our entire relationship. It has also taken a great toll on my self-confidence.

I worry about my appearance; I will admit I have gained some weight since we’ve started dating, and have recently been taking healthy steps in order to lose those extra pounds.

I have asked him if I am doing something wrong if he is still attracted to me if he still loves me. He always says that he feels that everything is fine, but now it is even hard for ME to initiate any sexual activities because of my insecurities.

I have discussed with him in the past about this, about my sexual needs and the things I like, but even when I ‘d try to communicate these things with him, nothing seemed to change.

Frankly, I feel like I should just move on but am scared! I keep thinking maybe things are going to change. At my age am WAY too young to only have sex twice/week. And he is getting really irritated and  angry at me when I ask him if he still finds me attractive

It doesn’t look or sound like he loves me anymore. He has rarely initiated sex, and when the sex actually happens, my boyfriend can’t stay hard long enough to cum, he is on for only 10 minutes and that’s not normal.

Ignoring me when I just come out of the shower with suggestive antics makes believe he is either getting from someone or he is secretly addicted to porn.

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 I recently suggested counseling for the two of us to get things into perspective, but i just can not get through to him, I’d  leave and find someone who was a lot more into me but my self esteem at the moment is not helping either.

I have been doing a bit of research and I discovered a sexual disorder called Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). Everything I have read so far sounds exactly like my boyfriend. The information I have found is astonishing and rather relieving because now I can believe him when he tells me that there is nothing wrong with me.

How To Make My Boyfriend Hard - Why can't my boyfriend stay hard?

Why Can’t A Man Stay Hard

He can’t stay hard, and that is just a fact now, however, I have absolutely no idea how to fix this problem.

Everything I have read says that therapy is the best way to go about it, but I don’t know how he would react if I even mentioned this to him.

Has Anyone Heard Of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder?

Yap! Desperate me! I whipped out my google thingy to find out what makes guys get boners and why how to give a boyfriend a boner. It turns out that If you have little interest in sex, and it’s causing distress in your life, you may have hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

He sounds like a textbook case of HSDD, but what guy would want to hear that? How do I go about bringing this up with him, or even just coping with it on my own? I love him very much and would feel very selfish if I let my sexual needs and his lack of sexual desire get in the way of our otherwise wonderful relationship. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Are There Any Guides On How To Make My Boyfriend Hard?

Am at a crossroads here! My boyfriend and I have just commemorated our two-year commemoration together and all things have been really going noticeably well, except for this one huge area.  I have always tried everything on how to keep your man happy, going down on him, give a head, and I mean a head job for any boy to die for, but he won't just get it up long enough for me. Am always left hanging with his ten minutes performance. How do you girls find better ways to Make Your Boyfriend Hard?

It started about a year and a half ago when I noticed that his sex drive started to decrease. I have tried many things in order to spark his interest, but nothing seems to work. For a while, I was even concerned that he was cheating on me.

19 Ways On How To Make My Boyfriend Hard

  1. Tell him what you want
  2. Flirt with a promise
  3. Touch him everywhere except his stuff
  4. Show some affection
  5. Browse around
  6. Massage him
  7. Send him a sexy picture
  8. Tease him
  9. Send some tempting texts
  10. Kiss his neck
  11. Touch yourself
  12. Tease with a touch
  13. Show some sun-kissed flesh
  14. Catch his eye
  15. Blow in his ear
  16. Talk dirty to him
  17. Keep him guessing
  18. Play hard to get
  19. Start the real teasing

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