Onion Juice For Hair Growth Side Effects

Onion juice for hair growth side effects is the first thing that crips into the back of your mind when you come across the onion juice hair growth tips.

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Are There Any Side Effects To Onion Juice For Hair Growth?

Onion juice for hair growth couldn’t be anywhere near your average toxic stuff you would find in many of the cosmetic supplies you use daily in your household, considering the fact that we use onion for cooking every day.

The irony is that sometimes when we are desperate for results, we do very little to consider the side effects or unexpected consequences to our choices in the sort of cosmetics we use to treat hair loss and induce hair growth naturally.

Studies have shown over and over how onion juice can be used for hair growth and highlights some side effects associated with inducing your hair growth with onion juice. We will look at some of the disadvantages of onion juice for hair.

Here are some of the disadvantages of onion juice for hair

1. Cold flu

Onion contains cooling properties which can lead to running nose, health problems, and fever if used constantly on hair. People who live in colder places or are allergic to cold can easily be affected by using onion juice for hair.

2. Hair dryness

If you use onion juice on hair regularly this can cause hair dryness which is due to the sulfur in onion. It can cause hair to become brittle, dry and break the hair strands.

3. Odor

Many people can not stand the odor from onion juice which is in most times difficult to erase. The smell of onion on your hair can easily be noticed by those around you, so if you applying onion juice to hair, you must wash hair thoroughly.

4. Burning

The regular usage of onion juice for hair can cause a burning sensation due to continuous scratching of the scalp and irritation, this can cause injury to scalp and can lead to infections.

5. Itchy scalp

Onion contains sulfur which gives it the usual smell and taste, also sulfur is used as a hair tonic. Even though many people use onion to reduce baldness and increase hair growth, if not washed properly it can also cause itchy scalp. Regular usage of onion juice can lead to itchy scalp.

6. Eczema

Regular usage of onion juice for hair can cause scalp dryness leading to scalp eczema because of of the sulfur content which can dry the scalp natural oil.

7. Hair loss

Among the disadvantages of onion juice is hair loss especially if you are always using it on your hair. The regular use of onion juice can cause scalp irritation, itchy scalp, and scalp dryness which can then lead to hair loss. Those with sensitive skin are most likely to be affected, as such they should avoid it if possible.

Who is Onion Juice Hair Growth For?

Onion juice hair growth is best suited for many forms of hair loss especially the none scarring hair loss commonly known as Alopecia areata which is a patchy, non-scarring hair loss condition which affects many folks regardless of age or sex.

Hair loss can be devastating especially when it has a direct knock-on effect on the way how we perceive our self-image.

No wonder when we suffer from any hair loss, we are quick to find solutions that can get rid of this hair loss and get on with life with confidence.

How Does Onion Juice For Hair Growth Work To Induce Hair Growth?

According to research findings published by Us Medicine Library, two groups were advised to apply the treatment twice daily for two months. Re-growth of terminal coarse hairs started after two weeks of treatment with crude onion juice.

At four weeks, hair re-growth was seen in 17 patients (73.9%), and, at six weeks, the hair re-growth was observed in 20 patients (86.9%) and was significantly higher among males (93.7%) compared to females (71.4%) P<0.0001.

In the tap-water treated-control group, hair re-growth was apparent in only 2 patients (13%) at 8 weeks of treatment with no sex difference.

But the success of Onion juice for hair growth doesn’t stop there! Recent studies showed that the use of crude onion juice gave significantly higher results with regard to hair re-growth than did tap water (P<0.0001), and that goes on to show that onion juice for hair growth can be an effective topical therapy for patchy alopecia areata.

How to make onion juice for hair growth

Here’s how you can make Onion juice for hair growth right from your kitchen.

These recipes for making onion juice for hair growth is best applied when you consciously apply a small batch to make sure that there is no allergic reaction on your scalp after applying it for the first time.

  • Peel the onions and chop them into small pieces.
  • Squeeze the juice out. To extract the juice, you can use a food processor, a blender, a grater, or a juicer.
  • Massage the juice into your scalp or cover the bald patches.
  • Leave on for at least 15 minutes (longer if you can tolerate the smell) and then wash out using a mild shampoo.
  • Repeat the onion juice treatment daily to encourage hair regrowth.

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How long should you leave onion juice in your hair?

Onions juice have many benefits, including hair growth, but leaving onion juice for long on your can cause itchy scalp, dry scalp, and irritations. Preferably, you leave onion juice on your hair for not more 20-30 minutes, then take time to wash it thoroughly.

Which onion is good for hair?

The best onion to use for hair is the red onion. The red onion contains more juice than the white onions, and are more effective. Onion juice especially the red onion help nourish the hair follicle and restore hair nutrients.

Can I leave onion juice in my hair overnight?

You can leave onion juice in your hair overnight, but remember, the longer you live in hair, the more likely it will dry out the scalp. Onion contains sulfur which is the main reason why people use it, and sulfur can cause itchy and dry scalp if used regularly.

20-30 minutes should be fine, but if leaving it overnight, then you should apply onion juice once or twice a week and always wash it thoroughly.

Can I mix onion juice with coconut oil for hair?

You can mix onion juice with coconut oil or olive oil, this help with hair regrowth as they contain vital properties that are helpful and healthy for the hair.

Can we use shampoo after applying onion juice?

You can use shampoo after applying onion juice to your hair, this is because shampoo is used for washing hair, and onion has a terrible smell that requires thorough washing.

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