ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray


Dry Texturizing Spray

With the Dry Texturizing spray, the looks and feels bigger, better, and full-on glamorous hair.

The spray when applied becomes invisible dry hair spray and  builds up an incredible volume and sexy texture.

The ingredient, Patented polymers absorb oil which is from the root of the hair, this leaves the hair looking very beautifully styled hair for days.

Direction for Use

Ensure to shake properly,

Spray on the hair,

To be sprayed not on wet hair,

After finishing, it holds styles firm and dry.

Also, add some heat if you require extra volume or for extra volume.


It is a revolutionary and an invisible dry spray which provides a very incredible volume,

Help with sultry texture and the lift required,

It is also a good alternative to the dry shampoo,

Easily absorb oil at the root of the without any powdery residue.


Feels like spraying scented air on the hair,

The nozzle may be clogged halfway through,

May turn out to be sticky sometimes.