PTV Sports – Ever Wondered How You Can Watch TV Online FREE On PTV Sports

PTV Sports

PTV Sports- Ever Wondered How You Can Watch TV Online FREE On PTV Sports

PTV sports offers new ways to watch tv online free,  when PTV Sports announced the launch of online services, it opened a Pandora’s box for many cricket lovers and those looking to watch tv online free. The news was received as one of the biggest announcements of the entire Media giant.

Unlike sling TV or Youtube TV which charges  $20 and $35 per month respectively, PTV said it would offer a standalone app– no cable TV subscription necessary– with access to a number of channels including PTV Sports which allows for cricket fans to watch cricket online free, PTV Sports is a network notorious for its raving fans  of cricket in Pakistani and entire Middle east Pakistani diaspora.


While PTV may appear like not to cater to cord cutters with global sports giants like ESPN, CNN, Adult Swim, and more, for cricket lovers which have a huge following of loyal fans across the globe.

When PTV Sports launched online, the move seemed to be a shot off the bow of cable TV, which has been struggling against the growing number of adult Millennials who have decided they don’t need a cable TV subscription.

The case is simple

it’s too expensive and forces its customers to pay for channels they don’t care about just to get the ones that they do. Cord cutters have instead been content to watch Netflix and Hulu, go to local sports bars if they need to catch an important cricket game, and (worst of all to the cable companies) torrent the TV shows they want to see.

PTV knows this more intimately than any company. Access to the channel’s shows can only be had by people with not only a cable TV subscription but also an additional online subscription. As such, those shows are favorites among torrenters. But even this company recently announced that it would be offering a standalone streaming service again targeted toward cord cutters and Millennials– that would not require a cable company subscription.

So PTV is the first service to the battlefield of bringing small packages of live TV to an Internet streaming platform, promoting the offering at no cost per month to appeal to people who love to watch tv online free than spend  their hard earned money for cable TV subscriptions or who never had cable TV subscriptions in the first place.

PTV Sports offered an amazing interface that is well designed and (mostly) intuitive, we wonder whether the content offered through PTV  Sports will really be enough of a sell. Is this just a repackaging of the same stuff that cord cutters wanted to get away from in the first place?

The pitch For PTV Sports

In a lot of ways, I’m in the best position to review a PTV Sports offering for you to watch tv online free of subscription. My father and I are years apart– he’s Gen-X and I’m a Millennial. While I’ve never paid for a cable TV subscription in my life, I live with one because my father has paid for cable TV for a long time.

Still, our cable TV subscription is a vestigial organ that’s only draining resources at this point. Almost every single time we sit down in front of the TV, we’re watching  PTV Sports catch on cricket or Netflix from the PS4. My father justifies cable as a necessary expense to be able to watch football in the fall, but during the season we tend to be busy, we end up at a sports bar anyway, or he goes to a friend’s house to watch the game.

I could probably count on my hands the number of times I’ve picked up the remote to watch live TV over the last 10 years.

So I’m the ideal demographic for PTV Sports ( for the love of Cricket) Youtube TV Or a Sling TV subscription, and my father is, theoretically, not. But while I didn’t really see a need to get channels that I was used to never watching anyway, my father was interested in getting Sling TV as a way to get much of the same programming he’s used to getting already, only cheaper. Of course, Sling TV doesn’t have agreements with any of the broadcast networks (yet). So upfront, Sunday cricket games– the whole reason my father is still locked into cable TV– are out.

A little Background About PTV Sports

PTV SPORTS is a Pakistan Television Corporation‘s brain-child which is the biggest media organization of Pakistan. It is an autonomous public sector organization. The main responsibility of PTV is to provide public service broadcasting not only within Pakistan but also outside Pakistan.

It makes programs for all its viewers in drama, documentaries current affairs, entertainment and sport. Its programs are produced in Urdu as well as in all regional languages i.e Sindhi, Punjabi, Pashto and Balochi. While producing its programs it pays due attention to the interest and aspirations of all strata of society and tries to reflect those effectively in its programs.

That being said, if you are a cricket fan at heart, PTV Sports is your place to indulge yourself regardless of your geographical location. If you have internet, welcome to the party!

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