Pull Ups Exercises

City parks, state prisons, church gyms and army bases are full of guys boasting about their thick backs, big chest and arms and wide shoulders, and you just wonder how they got those. Well if you ask them you will hear this simple answer “Pull-Ups”.

A pull up is a compound exercise that works a large number of muscles in your back, shoulders and arms at the very same time.

These simple timeless exercises work the entire upper body and the best part is they can be performed anywhere, no wonder you even see state prisons with guys full of muscles, right?

When doing exercises, it is very important to mind your posture and see if you are doing the exercise propely the way it is supposed to be done, this will prevent you from hurting yourself especially when you are working on your own without a trainer.



(1) Start with bent over dumbbells rows when starting from zero

Each day try to pick up a dumbbell you can easily lift up for three sets of 8 repetition with a 2 minute between sets. By doing so, you are training yourself to get used to the dumbbells and as soon as you can do 3 sets of 8 reps then it will be time to move to the next level of lifting heavier dumbbells.


(2) Then move to body weight rows

When you are done with the dumbbells, move to body weight rows, they are precursor to pull ups and will also work on the same muscles but at a different angle. Its best to use smith machines as you’ll be able to adjust the height of the bar.


(3) Do assisted pull ups

Use a bar that is 2-4 feet off the ground, sit under it and grab with a regular grip and then you’ll have to strengthen your back, hips and bend your knees a little, while your feet still remain on the floor and then pull yourself to the bar.


(4) Do negative pull ups 

These are half pull ups, when doing them you simply jump above the bar and try to lower yourself all the way down letting your arms hands grasping the bar fully stretch. Then keep your feet up and try to fight gravity for about 5 seconds. This will train your arms to get used  to supporting your weight which is all what pull ups are about ” supporting your own weight.”



(1) Wide Grip pull ups

With this one you have less leverage to push yourself up but it’s a pretty awesome variation.

Start with the wide grip push up bringing your hands closer in as you go along.


(2) Close Grip pull ups

Close grip pull ups have to work overtime vertically to emphasize the muscles in your arms. You grab a bar with a grip wider than shoulder width apart and pull up to the bar in smoots for the bar to gaze the bottom of your feet at the top of the pull up. Move down until you are able to keep the movement and control, until your arms are used.


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