Pulls Ups Benefits

Pull up is a compound type of exercise that involves raising yourself with your arms by pulling up against a horizontal bar fixed above your head.

Pull ups work on a large number of muscles in your back, shoulders and arms at the very same time.

Pull ups aren’t hard to do and the best part is that you dont have to start by doing a whole lot of them, just a few is great to start with and then continue pulling up your socks until you are  the master of pull ups, until you are like one of those guys who like to show-off their amazing skilks at the gym.

There are many benefits of pull ups, in this article we have listed some of them.



(1) They are a fundamental compound upper body exercise

Compound exercises are important, they target many muscle groups. Pull ups are as important to your upper body as they will make it grow and become stronger.

So if you have a skinny body and you’ve just decided to grow some muscles and look as hot as hell, turn to pull ups, they will do wonders to your body in no time.


(2) There have many variations 

Doing the same types of exercises everhday can be very boring and discouraging to the extent that you might even lose interest in the whole exercising thing. Well, with pull ups you dont have to worry about such a thing happening. With pull ups you wont be doing the  same exercises everyday, that’s one of the best things to be excited about when doing pull ups, there many variations and it is impossible for it to get boring.

There’s a reverse grip pull ups, close grip pull ups, classic wide gripped overhand pull up and many more.

They are all easy to do with the same equipment so there’s no need to buy any new equipments.

(3) There’s Grip strength

As we all know, grip strength is an important part of everyday life. This is one of the benefits of pull ups and the reason why the pull ups are so great and awesome.

So if you are a serious body builder or you are just exercising to stay fit, you’ll know the importance of grip strength and also realize that pull ups are the perfect exercises for strengthening your grip.


(4) They make your back Stronger

As we said earlier on this article, pull ups work on your back muscles, which is very good and lead to a healthy life, no more worrying about back pains for you.


(5) They are convenience

This means you can do pull ups anywhere any time, alk you’ll need is a bar and your body.



(6) You lose fats

With pull ups you’ll lose a lot of fats as it gets your heart rate up and  burn calories.

Pull ups have a lot of benefits that are very great to the body.  They are easy to do, there are no complications anyone can easily do them.

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