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BullGuard Security Programs

Provides protection from viruses and all other online threats.

  • 1-year internet security protection and subscription,
  • 3-PC license
  • FREE upgrades to new versions #Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP (SP2 minimum) compatible.

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Real-time protection, Safe browsing, Spamfilter, PC Tune-Up, Vulnerability Scanner, Firewall, Parental Control, 5 GB FREE Online Backup, Game mode, 24/7 Support.

With BullGuard security programs, you will get simply the best security tools and protects you from any computer security incident or online threats.

The security programs with a simple interface which makes it easy to manage your security.

Very easy to use, provides powerful parental control to family safe and protected from online cyber-bullying.


What BullGuard Offers:

  • Easy, Secure and Simple To Install
  • Check the computer system prior to installation
  • Removes malware and will adapt to the system requirements
  • Check to ensure every latest virus definitions are installed by the end of the process
  • Easy to us
  • Makes managing your computer security easy
  • The software has an individual module panel that allows for every action to perform automatically, from backing up files, PC tune-up, and quick scans.
  • All the modules can be seen on a page for an easy glance of the computer security status
  • Constant security update
  • Malware total protection
  • Unwanted app Tool
  • Parental control
  • Easy to back up, recover and share files
  • 5GB for online safe storage of all your important information, music and photos.
  • Choice of what you want to back up when to back up, how often to back up, and auto back up features and easily accessible
  • Protect your PC from vicious identity thieves, hackers, network attacks, and cyber crooks
  • The spam filter shoots out scam emails and unwanted emails
  • Blocks junk mails, block phishing attempts, stop the virus spreading and any foreign language spam
  • BullGuard provides an unparalleled gaming performance that allows you to enjoy your game and ensures you have full security at all levels without asking you for special game mode activation like other computer system security software providers.
  • PC tune-up ensures your system runs faster by removing unnecessary files and frees up memory.
  • The Cleanup Helper also allows you to easily free up disk space

A 24/7 free expert advice and quick answers to any of your questions, from their support team.

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