Shellac Nails At Home – Here’s How To Do Shellac Manicure Effortlessly

Shellac Nails At Home - Here's How To Do Shellac Manicure Effortlessly

Shellac Nails At Home

My Obsession for looking good without breaking the bank got me thinking about doing shellac nails at home. That’s all great, but the trouble with me is limited knowledge I have about nail polish, fake nails and just about what sort of trends are hot now.

Just like any of you, I turned to my trusty companion (Mobile Phone) who doesn’t leave my side even when I go to the toilet. Yap! my mobile phone is a little helper who rocks my world when needed.

As it turns out, nails at home is a great Idea, only if you know what you are doing to achieve the best results with shellac nails at home. And the discovery for me was how little I knew about all options available for nails.

So there are all sorts of shellac nails colors, then I had to decide which shellac nails was best for me at home between shellac nails vs gel.

And to figure this out, I had to decide how long to keep the nails for and this stage required me to know exactly how long do shellac nails last vs gel nail polish. Blimey! as if buying shellac nails kit was not hard work, these shellac nails have pros and cons to make it work.

By now you can see how overwhelming shellac nails at home can be. Listen, if you have been told that shellac nails at home are madness, rather you should hire a pricey nail technician to fix your nails that is not entirely true.

Best Shellac Nail Colors Reviews

Shellac nails at home are definitely possible, all it takes is a couple of tries and you will quickly get a hang of things so much that your friends will start arranging weekend girly nights for nails while wine is flowing from the kitchen.

For a start, there are types of nails, and these are Shellac nails, Acrylic nails, Gel nails, and Powder nails.

You probably are wondering, what’s the difference between shellac nails and fake nails.
In a nutshell, Shellac nails are a mixture of nail polish and gel which comes in over 100 shades of immaculate colors you can take advantage of to meet your fashion goals.

How Do Shellac nails At Home Work?

Shellac Nails At Home - Here's How To Do Shellac Manicure Effortlessly

To achieve a great look with shellac nails at home is really easy, and shellac nails are perfect for this as shellac is applied to your nails just like any other regular nail polish.

You should, however, know that shellac nails may not be ideal for you if you are trying to increase nail volume or length.

What shellac nails will do for you is keep your nails strong, durable on the long term and minimize nail damage that is widely associated with fake nails. When done correctly, shellac nails at home should last you a fortnight or more if you take it easy on the gardening and kitchen chores.
Shellac Nails At Home - Here's How To Do Shellac Manicure Effortlessly

How Does Acrylic Nails At Home Work?

Ask any money saving junky like me, and they will tell you ho much they love acrylic nails as they are a great value for the money and effort to look good.

Acrylic nails ain’t a mysterious phenomenon, the magic happens when liquid monomer and a powdered polymer is combined.

Once these two compounds are applied, artificial nails are glued right at the top of the nail tip to create a strong and protective covering that can endure reasonable chores once it hardens up.

The great part about acrylic nails is that they are colorless in nature which means you can apply nail polish colors you love.

Caution should be taken when using acrylic nails, as they can emit a strong odor and toxins which are not really good for anyone who is pregnant or sensitive to strong smells.

Having tried acrylic nails myself, I found them to be a bit bulky and that reduces the realistic look am expecting from my nails.

How Does Gel Nails At Home Work?

Gels are probably the most loved of the above, except that they do need a bit of an investment to get started. This is simply because you will need the UV light for nail curing your nails once a base or color is applied to your nails.

Gel nails come with a three-part application in order to achieve best nail colors.

Apply a base nail coat followed by polish color then topped up with a top or finishing coat which brings the final look onto your knees.
When my nails are done, my fiance knows which favors to ask for as hand jobs are a definite no! no! no! Lol, that sounds really naughty but it’s not what you think!

Unlike acrylic nails, gels are free from odor and are not toxic in any way. When I have done my gel nails, I find them to be more durable and give an effortlessly natural look.

How Does Powder Nails At Home Work?

Powder nails are the new and on trend, way to look glam with little to no effort if you know what you are doing. Just like Gels, Powder nails do use a base coat which is applied to the clean nails, then this nail is dipped into the select nail powder which comes in a variety range of colors to die for.

Shellac Nails At Home - Here's How To Do Shellac Manicure Effortlessly

You gotta love powder nails at home as there is no UV curing involved, it is odorless and possibly the most glamed easy way to do nails at home with so many color options, you can achieve looks not possible with the other nails.

Now that you know how to go about doing nails at home with little to no effort, which option is ideal for your look this weekend? If you have any tips and tricks you use for nails please comment below and share with us, am sure best ways to do nails at home is when we learn to share best tips for shellac nails at home or the others

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