Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Deciding what to do with your thick hair can be a bit stressful sometimes. At times the hair may feel heavy, stick out at all unnecessary places, becoming unruly and so annoying at the wrong time.

However, there’s always a solution, CUT IT SHORT! The shorter the hair, the easier it will be to manage. A lot of women with thick hair have agreed with this point. This article with super awesome pictures will help you choose the right hairstyle for your thick hair.

Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

1. Shattered And Unstructured Wavy Bob

This awesome hairstyle is so easy to manage. To achieve this look ask your hairstylist to cut into it removing the weight, making sure the ends of the hair ate wispy to make it look modern. For those with a little bit more fine texture, get some layering and product to achieve the same look.

Shattered and unstructured wazy bob

2. Versatile Textured Pixie Cut

This is one of the best hairstyles for women with thick hair. A lot of women love it and it’s trending worldwide. The cut starts short at the back and in front, it is a little bit bigger and has awesome short sharp edges. Matte waxes and texture sprays work perfectly fine with this hairstyle.

3. Pixie With Movement

If your hair is too thick and straight, then I highly recommend this hairstyle. Tell your stylist to use a razor to remove weight when cutting a soft line. The length of the hair is a little bit longer at the top. The best part about it is that you can change it anytime you like.

4. Classic Bob With Edgy Red Blue

The most exciting thing about this hairstyle is how the colors blend perfectly together as you can see, the hairstyle is indeed classy. Once your stylist achieves this hairstyle, you can maintain it using matrix Biolage, styling jelly, and R.A.W styling spray.

5. Textured And Tousled

This hairstyle is loved by many, even the celebrities we usually see on television adore this hairstyle. It is so cute and simple and it’s best for any occasion. You can either achieve this hairstyle on your own or have your stylist do it. Once it is done, maintain it using Kelvin Murphy Resort spray to add shine and texture.

6. Naturally Curly

Sometimes cutting and going natural with your thick hair is the best solution for you.

7. Rose Gold Fauxhawk

This hairstyle is so awesome especially when you have a ton of thick hair. Just keep it really short it’s easy to manage and maintain.

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