Soothing The Itch And Discomfort Of A Yeast Infection

Every year, millions of women of every age group develop a yeast infection. Yeast infections are easy to spot and often very frustrating to deal with. Yeast infections can be treated, and the symptoms are manageable. This article will help you, whether you seek relief from a current yeast infection or are just wanting to know a bit more about them.

TIP! Excess perspiration leads to a humid and warm environment. This environment is perfect for yeast growth.

Any time that you work out or spend time outside in the heat, you need to change into clean undergarments afterward, and try to take a shower. This will be an environment in which yeast infections are unlikely to arise.

TIP! Always buy and wear underwear made of cotton. Silk underwear may be more attractive, but it can cause serious problems.

Yeast Infections

TIP! Over-the-counter pain relievers can eliminate some of the discomfort of yeast infections. Taking aspirin can help get you through the day so that you are not feeling uncomfortable or in pain.

In order to prevent yeast infections, always dry thoroughly after showering. Leaving water trapped in the folds of skin is a great way to cause a yeast infection. If there is not any water for the yeast to grow, you will not get as many yeast infections.

TIP! Don’t use a douche. It’s supposed to be cleaning you, but it’s actually ruining your vaginal flora.

Do not use douche bags. Although it seems that douching will cleanse the vagina better, this is not the case. If you disrupt your body’s natural balance, you increase the chances of getting a yeast infection. Instead, just rinse with soapy water.

TIP! Never use scented products near the vagina. Soaps that are scented, as well as other sprays might irritate your vagina and make yeast grow.

Don’t use diaphragms or condoms if you’re using a yeast infection cream. The cream can interfere with your birth control methods. Stop having sex until the infection is totally gone. If you choose not to do that, talk to a doctor about which birth control is most effective at that time.

TIP! Avoid the more decorative undergarments if you are prone to yeast infections, even if they are more attractive. Cotton will keep your private areas dry, whereas fancy lace and nylon panties will hold your body’s moisture inside.

Cotton underwear can be very helpful in your quest to minimize yeast infections. Synthetic fabrics can hold in heat and moisture, making it a perfect environment for yeast to grow. Go with 100% cotton, and always change your underwear when you finish exercising or have worked up a good sweat. Remaining dry will help you stay healthy and happy.

TIP! Steer clear of diaphragms and condoms if you have been treating a yeast infection with cream. The anti-fungal cream can impact the effectiveness of many birth control methods.

If you tend to get yeast infections, your diet should regularly include probiotics. For instance, the acidophilus bacteria, which can be found in plain yogurt, is a very efficient probiotic that will strengthen your vaginal flora. You can buy probiotic supplements, too.

TIP! Eat more yogurt if you regularly get yeast infections. Yogurt has a lot of cultures and probiotocs and those can help fight off things like imbalance and create a vaginal flora that’s healthier.

Do you have any scrapes or scratches on your vagina? Any scratch or scrape in that area can make you more likely to get a yeast infection. Sexual intercourse and tampon use can create small scratches. Take care when doing both. Refrain from having rough sex if you are prone to getting yeast infections.

TIP! At nighttime, run a warm bath and put in about two cups of apple cider vinegar. You can reduce the growth of yeast in your system with the vinegar that balances your pH level.

Use a gentle soap that is specially made for your vagina. There are a lot of them available. These special soaps are formulated to keep a even pH balance so harmful bacterial will not grow. They may cost a little more, but they’ll save you a ton on yeast remedies.

TIP! Make sure that you don’t use any scented or perfumed products that are meant for the vagina. These contain chemicals that are used to scent products but aren’t good for the pH balance of your vagina.

If you just switched to a new contraceptive, it might be the cause of your recent yeast infection. All sorts of prescriptions can cause vaginal issues. Speak with your doctor about changing the birth control methods.

TIP! Know that taking antibiotics will make you more prone to getting a yeast infection. You will kill both good and bad bacteria when taken a course of antibiotics.

Yeast Infection

TIP! Do not wear clothes that are made out of synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers make it difficult for air to circulate and allow heat and moisture to escape.

Avoid intercourse in order to prevent others from getting a yeast infection from you. The yeast moves from person to person, wreaking havoc. If only one partner has a yeast infection, use condoms to prevent it spreading.

TIP! Wear only natural materials, like cotton. Natural materials allow skin to breathe and that keeps heat from building up, which creates moisture.

This article explained early on that many females have had to deal with yeast infections. Hopefully this article has helped to give you some insight into this common condition that plagues so many. Use the tips mentioned here to become more educated on yeast infections.

TIP! Saliva can become infected with yeast causing discomfort and mucus. When this happens, you watch what you put into your mouth and only use disposable dining utensils, cups and dishes.

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