Acupressure – The 7 Benefits Of Acupressure

Benefits Of Acupressure

What Is Acupressure?

Acupressure is a kind of therapy whereby a manual pressure is been used to help stimulate any part of the body called lines of energy that causes pain. This means acupressure is a technique used to heal different types of diseases and pains in the body. Acupressure is used to relieve stress, relieve tension and anxiety, improve sleep, relax muscles and joints, relieve pain and discomfort, reduce digestive issues, minimize headaches and alleviate chronic pains.

The 7 Benefits Of Acupressure

How do you do acupressure?

It is done by pressing the key points of muscles to help heal pains and discomfort which occurs in the body or assist in a certain part of the body by regulating the flow of energy. Acupressure does not cause pains but rather heals pains the sufferer may have. This method was used in ancient times to regulate energy flow with the use of light or gentle pressure on the area of lines of energy on the body. 

What is acupressure massage?

Acupressure massage is when light pressure is applied to the muscle trigger which relieves the pains. This pains and other medical conditions in the body are from energy imbalance, and this energy is called QI which is present in the human body. There are 14 channels in the body which contain energy, and each of this 14 primary channels is essential in maintaining the QI balance.

The 14 energy points present in the body are considered to be muscle trigger points, the pains and distress which we sometimes experience are believed to be caused by damaged muscles or muscles tightening. Until now, there is no proven after effect of acupressure, but it is recommended a doctor determines if anyone should get an acupressure massage.

What is acupressure used to treat?

Acupressure massage areas:

Most common stimulated body parts are the hands, feet and spine. Most of the body parts that constitute pains may not be the energy points, but stimulating it may reduce or release the pains.

Some issues in the body which needs Acupressure massage therapy are:

  • Muscle pains
  • Excess stress
  • Anxiety
  • Backache
  • Headache
  • Arthritis pain
  • Neck pain
  • Digestive system problems
  • Sinus problems
  • Ulcers pains
  • Menstrual discomfort and cramps

Acupressure massage tools

Some of the tools used as acupressure massage therapy or treatments are:

Balance bands or wristband: are used by individuals to either prevent or cure motion sickness, this stimulates the pressure point on the wrist, and when stimulated, it helps to relieve nausea.

Energy roller: is usually used on the hands and feet and can be used on spines. Energy rollers have small bumps on the surface, these bumps are used to stimulate the key points in different areas of the body.

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Acuball or stress reliever: is a rubber ball with small bumps on the surface, they are usually used as it is or heated for specific treatment.

Pyramid mat or power mat: it has a bump shape of a pyramid and are used on foot, this is done by walking on the mat. It does not trigger any specific key points but rather the foot entirely.

Teishein: are used to stimulate various pressure points in the body, and are in a form of a needle but are not used to puncture the body rather stimulate.

Benefits Of Acupressure

Benefits of acupressure

Some of the benefits of acupressure are:

Increase general well being: Because acupressure is used to relieve pains, this pains which affect body part of energy point, stimulating those point help to increase general well being through massages of those key energy points so there can be a smooth flow of energy around the body. This is regarded as one of the most important benefits of acupressure.

For faster healing: Acupressure is used to stimulate the body which helps in fast healing, this is because if the body suffers any pains, the use of acupressure can help release muscular tension, increase blood circulation and enhance the body energy for faster healing.

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For pain relieve: When pressure is applied to any part of the body that cause pains, the body reacts by freeing any blockage in that part of the body, and also increase the blood circulation in that area and will relieve the pain.

Promotes calmness: Acupressure helps the body function properly, once the whole line of energy in the body flows as it should, the body becomes calmer and handles stress effectively.

Better in sexual activity: Once there is a QI energy imbalance it causes a lagging libido, an energy which maintains the heart and kidney, and once properly maintained can increase better sex.

Facial muscles: Cosmetics acupressure helps to tone facial muscles, produce collagen, stimulates blood flow and tone the face which helps to reduce the ageing process.

Reduce the use of drugs: Because acupressure helps with the treatment of a headache, cold, sinusitis and pains, this reduces your dependency on medicine or drugs for treatments.

What are pressure points on the body?

Temples: This is for a headache. On each side of the head between the ear and eye, there is a flat area and its small, located just half an inch from the eyebrow edge. When these two areas are pressed simultaneously moving the fingers round can help relieve headache pains.

Dokko: For stress relief. This is found behind the ear, and with gentle stimulation can relieve stress. This dokko can be found in the area where the jaw and skull meet, but in some people, it can be found on the outer ledge of earlobe just by the ear base.

Hichu: For weakening someone. This is found where the chest and neck meet under Adam’s apple and an important part of the body. A small pressure on it can weaken someone, an also martial artist target this area to weaken their opponent.

Kote: For reducing anger. This is found close to the inside of the elbow, this is where the skin crease when the arm is bent, and when pressed can help reduce anger. To find it, press the area with some force and the area which you feel pain the most is the kote.

Uchi Kuro bushi: Used to inflict pain. This can be found where the foot and ankle meet, below the bony protrusion inside the lower ankle. To find it, move fingers up and down till the cavity of the joint is found.

Benefits Of Acupressure

Webbing of the hand: For pain relief of tension, pain in the head, pain in the back and other areas. This can be found the fleshy palm of hand between the thumb and index finger on either hand. Pressing with some force by pinching both sides can create discomfort.

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