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The Best Security Software

The Best Security Software

The Best Security Software
  1. Features of BullGuard Computer System Security Software:
  2. The BullGuard Internet Security keeps you safe online and provides full computer security.
  3. The Best Security Software BullGuard Offers:
  4. Easy, Secure and Simple To Install
  5. Easy To Use
  6. Computer Security Updates
  7. Malware Total Protection
  8. Unwanted App Tool
  9. Parental Control
  10. Easy to Back up, Recover and Share files
  11. Firewall, Spamfilter, and Safe Browsing
  12. No Game Interruptions
  13. Smooth Running Computer System
  14. BullGuard Support

The Best Security Software: BullGuard Internet Security won the Best Buy and Best-in-Test from some of the leading independent testing labs and consumer organizations and gets The Best Security Software.

The Best Security Software

BullGuard Internet Security provides comprehensive protection from viruses and all other online threats.

1-year internet security protection and subscription, 3-PC license and FREE upgrades to new versions Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP (SP2 minimum) compatible. Check out the Best Computer Security Software – McAfee Total Protection.

Features of BullGuard Computer System Security Software:  

  • Real-time protection
  • Safe browsing
  • Spamfilter
  • PC Tune-Up
  • Vulnerability Scanner
  • Firewall
  • Parental Control
  • 5 GB FREE Online Backup
  • Game mode
  • 24/7 Support

The BullGuard Internet Security keeps you safe online and provides full computer security.

  1. With BullGuard Internet Security, you will get simply the best security tools and protects you from any computer security incident or online threats.
  2. The independent labs have awarded this computer system security software company ‘BullGuard’ with an award for the winning technology with multiple protection layers, and a strong virus catch rates.
  3. Computer security with a simple interface that makes it easy to manage your security. This computer security software is easy to use and provides a very powerful parental control to keep your kids safe and protected from online cyber-bullying. Check out the Best CCTV System: Best Home Security Practices When Choosing The Best Home Security Cameras.


The Best Security Software BullGuard Offers:

Easy, Secure and Simple To Install

The BullGuard computer system security software will first check the computer system prior to installation, removes malware and will adapt to your system requirements. With a comprehensive check to ensure every latest virus definitions are installed by the end of the process, while the security program continuously runs in the background to protect you from computer security incidents or against threats.

Easy To Use

BullGuard internet security makes managing your computer security easy with all-new internet security. The features of the security software have individual module panel which allows for every action you click to perform automatically, from backing up files, PC tune-up, and quick scans.
Also, all the modules can be seen on a page, this allows for an easy glance at your computer security status and with just a click you can view any area you want. Check out the Best Window Security- Is Doberman Security Alarms Best Window Alarms?

Computer Security Updates

These updates help to constantly detect and protect your computer systems from hackers and fraud, and the firewall shields your network system against attacks from cyber thieves from penetrating your computer system.

 Malware Total Protection

The BullGuard computer system security software has a behavioral detection technology that stops all forms and shapes of malware. This is a multi-layered defense for your computer system that makes it impossible for any malware to penetrate. This solid defense protects your computer system from all forms of the virus, worms of all kind, mild and dangerous Trojan horses, adware, scareware, and all malicious programs.

The newly improved technology enhancements provide stronger protection from any stealthy rootkits that protect and block your computer system from being monitored remotely. With this malware total protection, your computer system is protected from pernicious ransomware so you will never be a victim of any kind of computer security incident such as blackmail from cyber thieves.

Unwanted App Tool

The BullGuard unwanted app tools flag up programs which contain adware, these adware installs toolbar’s to your system settings and modifies it. This adware can change your browser settings and redirects your searches to another search engine. This unwanted app tool blocks it from performing all those changes.

Parental Control

BullGuard internet security system has a powerful parental control tool that protects your children from online threats. This easy-to-use tool allows you to block access to any suspicious websites, enable search filters, set time limits for your children online, follow all their activities online, and block access to any dangerous applications. Check out the Best Home Security Cameras For Best Home Security Practices.

This feature is so good it allows you to get a notification if your kids try to alter, adjust, or try to bypass any set rules. It also blocks your address or private information being shared.

Easy to Back up, Recover and Share files

This internet security software comes with an extra free 5GB for online safe storage of all your important information, music and photos. You will have a choice of what you want to back up when to back up, how often to back up, and an auto backs up features. The backup files are easily accessible, you can access or restore it on any other computer system or on your smart mobile devices.

You can back up straight from BullGuard to your Dropbox account, it is easy to use and can be set to automatically back up file to Dropbox, synchronize your back up, and easily accessible from any web browser.

Firewall, Spamfilter, and Safe Browsing

The internet security software firewall’s first line of defense is to protect your PC from vicious identity thieves, hackers, network attacks, and cyber crooks. The spam filter shoots out scam emails and unwanted emails, blocks junk mails, block phishing attempts, stops the virus from spreading and any foreign language spam.

There are millions of malicious websites with hidden codes which are used to launch phishing attacks, the BullGuard computer protection software checks individual websites on search results and alerts you of any danger and show you which ones are safe.

No Game Interruptions

Unlike other internet security software, BullGuard provides an unparalleled gaming performance that allows you to enjoy your game and ensures you have full security at all levels without asking you for special game mode activation like other computer system security software providers.

Smooth Running Computer System

The BullGuard PC tune-up ensures your system runs faster by removing unnecessary files and frees up memory. With the boot manager, you are able to see what apps are running during system startup, you will have the choice of disabling unused apps, and also identify duplicated files. The Cleanup Helper also allows you to easily free up disk space by showing you files you don’t need and how much space they are taking up.

The Best Security Software

BullGuard Support

A 24/7 free expert advice and quick answers to any of your questions, from their support team.

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