Try Out With Affiliate Strategies: What Is Your Next Step

Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

What Is Your Next Step? Try Out With Affiliate Strategies

Affiliate Marketing Strategies As we Know It

Affiliate Strategies, what we know about affiliate strategies has since changed over the decade. The regulation was changed, affiliate content been cracked down by Google, strong competitiveness by other affiliates.

But all these dint stop affiliates and affiliates companies to stop instead they all strive to do more and stay afloat and still make good money.

Affiliate Strategies

Follow this Successful Affiliate strategy and Beat The Odds.

1. Generate and build streams of affiliate recurring revenue.

Whatever strategy you are working with now to generate revenue may not guarantee or generate an income by month end. Affiliate marketing doesn’t give guarantees, and does not assures you that your affiliate strategies will work.

This circumstance may result in the fact that an affiliate program has gone off the market, etc. You will always be ready for change and find alternatives. To do this you need to generate and build streams of affiliate recurring revenue.

Do not focus on one time payments/payouts, because this will not protect you when there is a sudden change. Building a steady and continuous stream of affiliate recurring revenue is the best way to go.

Find your own niche, also find products to promote, and build a continuous affiliate income. What I am trying to say is find a product which is available to promote which can generate steady monthly income.

Affiliate Strategies

2. Engage more with mobile users.

Today, 60% of all affiliate clicks are done via mobile phones. For individual affiliate marketers, directing your traffic to mobile-friendly sites, you will probably make more sales and earn a commission.

Luckily today Google has a mobile-friendly checker which tells you if a website is mobile friendly. Build your website to be mobile friendly, this simple strategy can easily propel your website ranking.

3. Write a good topic.

Keyword targeting isn’t the best way to go, topic targeting tells your visitors this is where they should be. For example, which of this two will you choose? “the best mobile phones” and “what you need to know before buying mobile phones”. These are two topics talking about the same mobile phone, but you will be more curious to know more before buying a mobile phone.

Finding keywords with Google Adwords should be only as a guide, making those keywords your title is not the best. Most affiliate marketers will tell you that targeting individual keywords as a way of getting traffic is hard.  Google attempted to reduce SEO community focus on keywords targeting, but it hasn’t succeeded.

To me, this should be a success to Google because it will encourage you to shift towards topic-targeting and focus on long tail traffic. This is not when you use contents like “best sofa”, it is when you use contents like “guides on buying best quality sofa”. This is quality right there, people need guides not authority or call to action and you will end up with long tail traffic to your site.

Affiliate Strategies

4. Broaden your horizons

As the saying goes “Rome was not built in one day” so is affiliate marketing. Try out something which works for you first before venturing into an unknown world, don’t do things because someone else is doing it. We all know that many affiliates have made money promoting affiliate programs, but not in one day or in one week. You can build many businesses in one day, but without knowledge, organization, and plan for the business you will not last long.

Pick a niche, work on it for as long as the need may be, crack the secret and once it’s successful then move on to another. Don’t be a jack of all trade and master of none.

5. Give your competitors a run for their money

By creating a content so powerful packed with the right information, you will give your competitors hard time. In my article The 7 Best Ways to Start an Online Affiliate Marketing, I gave some simple clues which can help you as an affiliate.

I know it is more challenging when you have to try to prove your value as a middleman in the value chain. When it comes to content, do your research, read books from successful marketing affiliates like Ace McCloud ( The Top 100 Best Ways To Market Your Business & The Top 100 Best Ways To Use Twitter ). Another affiliate writers are  Dave Chaffey and PR Smith Planning and Optimising your Digital Marketing).

Affiliate Strategies

Read more guides on affiliate strategies, follow the step by step guides and you will surely outsmart others.

Most companies pay writers to produce contents for their site, and many other companies seat for a meeting just to create quality contents for their customers, and if you don’t have such luxury what do you do?

Creating good content for your blog isn’t easy, it’s not a day job, you need plenty of hours to gather information’s, and you can only do this by reading success stories, guides on step by step.

 6. Offer your customers value

Value is something which is held to deserve, something of importance, worth, and usefulness. Many brands today are been sold by affiliates, like, they are selling values to their customers and the customers like them that is why they grow daily in popularity.

Think of your customers as yourself, will you read for yourself what you are offering them? If yes, will you buy what you are offering them? That is where the trick is, giving your traffic value. Your website or blog is your brand, create it to be distinctive, give it a quality assurance, make them want to come back for more, tell them your own story and if they love it, they will share it.

7. Diversify your traffic source

If you read my article on Affiliate marketing strategies you will understand more. Don’t rely solely on Google to send traffic to your website. Use,,, and many more.

Share your content there, follow as many people and you will get followed back. Relying on one traffic source is a risky game, it’s like putting all your eggs in one basket. Be a go-getter, not a dream chaser.


8. Learn to predict the market

If for instance you are asked what are the trending products in the United Kingdom this month, what will you say? Will you probably say its E-cig right? because you have seen many people buying e-cigs. But I say its seasonal products because everything has its own season.

Always find the trending products like travel guides during summers then promote travel gears. Or winter seasons and promote heating products. This articles will keep generating traffics to your site year in year out, as long as those contents are still on your site.

Affiliate Strategies

You can’t promote winter jacket during the summers or winter boots for someone looking to travel to Africa. Another example is the growing popularity of African tourism, you can equally promote cheap hotels, cheap flights, travel guides from Amazon, guides on visiting Africa ( and many more.

Affiliate strategies are those Technics or tricks which you use to achieve your goal. Your own affiliate strategies are your secret weapons to the battleground, you must have a strategy, a work pattern which you can follow step by step. It is like a tree with branches and you are the root.

All things work for those who try, are you trying out what you have read so far?

Give it ago, try it, assume you are playing around with it, make it a fun to do and enjoy doing it. Its that simple.

Affiliate Strategies