Vitamins For Healthy Hair

Vitamins For Healthy Hair

Vitamins For Healthy Hair

As for my personal Vitamins For Healthy Hair, I go with thi multivitamin which is a great daily foundation in terms of getting the optimal amount of vitamins and minerals every day.

For my money, I ‘d choose cod liver oil over fish oil for my source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Cod liver oil also contains plenty of natural vitamin A which is an extremely useful vitamin for male pattern baldness and dandruff, as well as for keeping the skin supple and healthy.

Carlson Cod Liver Oil, Norwegian, Lemon

Vitamins For Healthy Hair 
Carlson Cod Liver Oil, Norwegian, Lemon

Nature Made Vitamin C

Vitamins For Healthy Hair
Nature Made Vitamin C

Fish oil doesn’t have such great amounts of natural vitamin A as cod liver oil, so the latter is a great source of hair-friendly nutrients.

As you can see from the supplements that I’ve recommended in the links on this post, the supplements are very cheap when their cost is worked out per day. There’s no need to break the bank when purchasing high-quality supplements, but one must also be aware that the very cheap nutritional supplements tend to be of very-low-quality!

If you or anybody else is interested, when it comes to a high-quality cod liver oil supplement, THIS one here is an excellent choice.

Natural vitamins for hair growth

If you’re interested in zinc, then THIS one here is a good choice of a zinc supplement as it also keeps the proper zinc to copper ratio. It’s cheap enough and will last you for 3 months when taking one a day.

Lastly, multivitamin products do not contain omega-3 fatty acids. You can only get omega-3s from fish oil and cod liver oil, although you can get some of the fatty acids from vegetable sources too.

About the multivitamin, if you’re going to rely on a multivitamin for bullet-proofing your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals, then it’s very important that you choose a high-quality multivitamin. A good multivitamin will once cost you some cents per day (when you divide the number of tablets by the price of the multivitamin), so it’s worth shedding a couple of extra bucks for a higher-quality multivitamin.

Zinc isn’t just incredible for better men’s hair. Zinc is very beneficial for healing wounds (i.e. faster healing and less scarring), better skin, combating acne and for better sexual health.

Zinc is lost with every ejaculation, hence men who are sexually active or who masturbate more than once a day need extra zinc (not kidding!).

However, it’s important to keep a 15 to 1 ratio between zinc and copper, and not all zinc supplements provide this. As an example, a good zinc supplement would provide you with 15 milligrams of zinc and 1 milligram of copper (i.e. the 15:1 ratio).

If you want naturally-shinier and smoother hair, then ensuring that you’re taking a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids will have your hair becoming shinier and smoother in a matter of weeks.

Not only that but omega-3 fatty acids work extremely well to combat both male pattern baldness and dandruff due to the fatty acids’ ability to tame down the local inflammation on the scalp as experienced in both male hair conditions.

Vitamins For Healthy Hair

Generally, the zinc in a multivitamin isn’t enough to sustain the daily necessities of men with male pattern baldness, dandruff or those simply wanting better and stronger hair.

Zinc oxide is inadequately absorbed and thus, if supplementing zinc specifically, it’s best that you go for a supplement that uses zinc picolinate, zinc citrate, zinc gluconate or some chelated version with copper.

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