Wait…Is Children’s Dental Hygiene A Social Services Case?

Dental Hygiene A Social Services Case

I woke up in a panic. I hadn’t realized how much in trouble I had gotten myself with social services. It all started with a call to my local dentist. After almost a year of sugary treats and skipped dental appointments. It had finally all caught up with me like a raging storm.

We have been diligent about brushing teeth, at least twice daily since her first tooth erupted, and I took her to the dentist for the first time last week after noticing some discoloration on her front teeth. I was not expecting to hear that it was the beginning of decay and that all FOUR of her top teeth would need to be capped asap.

We are desperately trying everything right now – xylitol throughout the day, brushing after EVERY meal, snack, and nursing session along with immediately after naps, right when she wakes up and before bed at night. Pretty much 10-15 times a day!

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It’s not fun and she fought me at first because I’m having to pin her down to get in there and do what I need to do, but what choice do I have at this point? :

I am drowning in sorrow right now. To the point where I break down in tears throughout the day. I feel like a failure as a mother. My sweet girl is my life, and I’d rather cut off a limb than going through with the procedure

I have completely changed her diet – all she ate before was organic EVERYTHING and absolutely NO sugar and sweets ever, not even cake on her birthday, but now I’ve buckled down, cut out most of the fruit, and am doing lots of dark green veggies for Dental Hygiene.

I’m on a mad hunt for pascalite clay and cell salts as we speak – I am desperate and willing to try anything. If other people can heal cavities, I am going to try my hardest before going through with the general anesthesia and capping off her teeth.

Dental Hygiene A Social Services Case

Finally, my daughter’s tooth decay had landed me on to social services radar for negligence and child cruelty.
Why was I in the hospital, and why did I feel like I was being chastised for being a good parent to my kids except for this tooth decay issue?

Gradually it all came back. Due to a severely weakened tooth enamel in children, tooth decay at the very early stage is very likely, except the fact that it’s entirely preventable by taking simple routine daily routine. My daughter had been referred to have dental surgery.

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It’s not the anger for failing to prevent this, driving me crazy right now. But the feeling of panic I am feeling from the thought of losing my child to social services and the pain of root canal surgery a five-year-old has had to endure removing tooth stubs…I think this is the lowest point I have ever been to. Read more on Coconut Oil And Baking Soda Toothpaste

What’s the Definition of a Dental root canal?

The dental root canal itself isn’t complex, however, there’s a lot of controversy in the parenting community about what constitutes a dental root canal to a minor under the age of 10. I mean how does, a five-year-old have root canal surgery even before wisdom teeth has come out?

Dental Hygiene

The Reality Hits Home

There are no winners in this mess, Fact still remains that using foods with sugar and high acidity has compromised the bones so bad that even the titanium implants themselves have had to be modified for medical procedures to allow natural healing to take its course over the next few years.

Before my daughter’s surgery, I spent time talking with my doctor about the history of dental issues or Dental Hygiene As A Social Services Case.

I woke up in a panic. I hadn’t realized how much in trouble I had gotten myself with social services. It all started with a call to my local dentist. in children. It’s not easy hearing things like these as a mother, but I needed to hear it.

Baby bottle tooth decay (also called early childhood caries, nursing caries, and nursing bottle syndrome) happens when a baby’s teeth are in frequent contact with sugars from drinks, such as fruit juices, milk, formula, fruit juice diluted with water, sugar water, or any other sweet drink.

Do I keep wondering, how silly must I have been, not to see this coming? Pretty much every mother in my mum2mum group knows that if breastfed infants fall asleep with unswallowed milk in their mouth, they are also at risk for tooth decay. Bacteria in the mouth feed on the sugars, causing tooth decay.

If it was up to me and my partner, we probably would have decided – together – to skip the concoction that most patients take and would try to handle the post-surgical pain with over the counter medicines.

“Having watched my little girl go under GA, I found the whole process overwhelming, distressing, and almost vomited in the dental hospital when I watched him go down. “

Anyway, I am a very overprotective mother, to say the least, which has a big effect on how I am gonna have to comprehend with the possibility of having to lose my little angel to social services.

I am the type to worry about school trips, or trips with family when I am not present, etc… the thought of a stranger having to look after my child is driving me insane.

I can feel a huge lump in my throat tightening day by day as I count down to the review of the social services day.

I keep asking myself if am all alone in this kind of mess!

Dental Issues are not exclusive to toddlers, the same is true for adults too. How often are you seeing your local dentist every year for an all-clear to your oral hygiene?

A lot of people have no idea how many times in a year they have to be seen by their dentist. Their worry is that if you have to request to be seen by your dentist, it will cost you a couple of pennies, so they wait for GP’s referral on the NHS account.

But this practice is putting your dental hygiene in jeopardy and risking they high-cost our local authority has to deal with in both children’s dental needs as well as old age-related dental matters in elderly people.

Learning From Your Mistakes

In light of everything that has happened, I am tempted to look at lapses of judgment in any form or of any kind as a learning opportunity. What matters is that every day is always looking forward to doing everything possible to grow oral health routines.

To instill those habits into my daughter’s future parenthood, so my grandkids do not have to endure what I have put my daughter through. In a way, I see this as a blessing in disguise, the one that does not take away from us but gives birth to a new way of thinking.

If you somehow find you’ve gotten yourself into a pickle, and feels like there is no way out, just make sure that you don’t dwell too much into why you had to be the one going through the unfortunate circumstances. Don’t use a lapse of any kind as a reason to go on a bender.

In my opinion, I simply refuse to be cowed down to the Idea that when life serves you with lemons then one mistake or lapse in judgment will send you down the path to condemnation, family institutionalization, jails, and even being ridiculed.

However, if you wholeheartedly believe it will, then it might. If you’ve chosen to abstain from that way of thinking, the best next step is to go back to all the things you’ve learned in early life and pay extra attention to your self-care. Where possible, Meditate. Pray, if that works for you. Cry, because that works for everything.

Whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up. Building up your self-esteem, not tearing it down, is what leads to long-term, successful to overcoming such setbacks

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