Washing Hair With Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects

Washing hair with apple cider vinegar side effects

Washing hair with apple cider vinegar side effects

You may be wondering why washing hair with apple cider vinegar side effects even occurs, or what the side effects of apple cider vinegar are. In a period when it appears as though there is chemical contamination in almost every product we use on our skin and hair, many of us have gone an extra mile to create our own homemade hair and skin products.

Looking around at our present time, different articles have presented to the masses the benefits of using apple cider vinegar, making it a viral health benefit product without stressing out any deficiency that may occur from its use.

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Apple cider vinegar is cheap to buy and also to make, but before you engage your self in a frequent use, you should first of all, know if you have any medical conditions, and your hair type, using it without first knowing these may cause you some irreplicable damages.

Washing hair with apple cider vinegar side effects
Washing hair with apple cider vinegar side effects

Join me to access the side effects of washing hair with apple cider vinegar

Washing your hair with apple cider vinegar can cause some harm due to:

An allergic reaction

An allergic reaction is one of the risks of putting vinegar on your hair, in spite of the fact that vinegar isn’t among the common allergens causing allergic reactions. The human body can develop an unsuspecting allergy to anything, this is why you should know if you have an allergic reaction to vinegar at any point in your life in the past.

Do not use apple cider vinegar on your hair if you’ve had a reaction to it once by eating food which contains vinegar. Some of the allergic reactions of washing hair with apple cider vinegar side effects are rashes and trouble breathing. See your doctor if this happens.

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A reaction to sulfite

Sulfite which is present in vinegar and other tart food, and is naturally occurring chemical compounds which are also found in vinegar. Usually, sulfite prolongs the shelf life of manufactured food and food producers often use it.

People who have asthma can have a reaction to the sulfite vinegar, also if you are on steroid medication or have respiratory sensitivity. Another important thing to note is that people who are 50+ of age, also have a higher risk of reactions to sulfite.

Washing hair with apple cider vinegar side effects
Benefits of apple cider vinegar

An irritation of the scalp

Among the effects of vinegar, the risk of irritation on the scalp can also occur, not only on the scalp but on the skin also. The scalp skin is very sensitive, this is due to the many blood vessels and nerves which are present in the human head. Even though not everyone experiences this, but if you have any cuts, acne or scrapes on your head, you will experience pains from the acid present in vinegar. You can easily get unsuspected scratches from sandy areas like beaches.

Cause damage to the hair

As there are benefits of using vinegar to wash hair, so are side effects of hair damage. You can use vinegar mix with water to prevent swimmers ear because vinegar itself is a drying agent. If you have dandruff or hair breakage caused by dry hair scalp, using vinegar which is a drying agent will increase your chances of having a more damaged hair. Vinegar can also affect thin fine hair when rinsing with vinegar, but to use vinegar on such hair, I recommend you dilute it and rinse immediately.

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