What Do Fleas Look Like

Tips to get rid of fleas on your dog

Fleas do not look like anything special, so if you are wondering, fleas are little bugs that feed upon the blood of mammals. They have no wings and can not fly however they leap from one host to another, laying various eggs while doing so. They can likewise send illness like pester and myxomatosis (particularly in bunnies and rodents) and are usually thought-about a huge risk to the wellness of family pets and households.

Today there are numerous chemical items readily available that successfully battle the flea issue, however, there are likewise some natural treatment alternatives and steps you might require to eliminate fleas and keep them from infesting your house and your family pets once again.

What are fleas?

I think fleas are those monstrous tiny blood-sucking parasites that feed on the blood of their host and can move from host to host easily.

What do fleas bites look like?

Before you call it flea bite, make sure it is a flea bite as many people confuse with bed bug bites, ant bites, spider bites and mosquito bites. All these are family of pest and their bites are similar, to get yourself the right help, knowing how fleas bite look like is important, and below we will show you what do fleas bites look like.

What do fleas bites look like?

If you want to see the fleas yourself start by looking either on carpets, bedding for yourself or pet, on your pet skin, around the home, and on furniture.

Flea bites on humans are usually found in the armpits, elbows, bend of knees, and on the ankles, it is also found in groups 3 or 4.

Another sign is, flea bites come with a puncture in the middle of the bite

Flea bites are usually swollen and reddish in the bite area

Flea bites cause itching, continual scratching, bleeding and most likely result in infections

Flea bites will cause breathing difficulty, hives and some other symptoms of allergy to those are allergic to flea bites.

What do fleas eggs look like?

Flea eggs are about 0.5 millimeters in length and half the length in width. To compare this size, use a grain of salt, that is how small and are almost microscopic. These flea eggs are hard to detect because of their size and they have softshell. Flea eggs are called chorion, it has a soft shell, off-white color, an oval shape, almost like a grain of salt.

The easy way to identify fleas eggs is trying to find the fleas on your pet or in your home, finding the flea dirt or actual flea is a clue of infestation on pet or home.

Difference between flea dirt and flea eggs

Flea dirt vs flea eggs

  • Flea eggs are an off-white color with oval shape while flea dirt is dark in color and crumbly.
  • You can identify flea eggs by placing a speck on a dark piece of paper, use a magnifying glass to ascertain the shape.
  • To identify a speck of flea dirt, place a few specks on a white piece of paper, and add few drops of water if the specks show red color (signs of blood) this shows there are fleas around.

The common mistake is that people mistake flea feces and flea dirt for flea eggs, the only similarity amongst these three is the presence of flea in that area.

Get rid of flea eggs

The first step is to treat pets to kill flea eggs by using flea treatment, this flea treatment kills adult fleas, stop the flea eggs from growing into adults, and to sterilize the female fleas from laying more eggs.
This fleas treatment for the pet is an insect growth regulator (IGRs).

What do fleas look like on dogs?

There are many signs and symptoms of fleas on dogs, like having scabs, sudden and continuous hair loss, always scratching and itching itself, irritated skins and red skin (either swollen), then come the biting and chewing of the skin. The quick way of knowing what do dog fleas look like is finding one on your pet, either the flea dirt, flea feces or flea itself. These fleas like to infest more on some certain areas, like the dog neck, dog ears, dog lower back, the base of dog tail, and dog abdomen, these are common places to search and know exactly what do fleas look like on a dog.

What do fleas look like on dogs?

The life cycle of fleas

You have to know a little about fleas life cycle to be able to stop it spreading. This is how the flea life cycle goes:

An adult female flea lays eggs of host hair (a Female flea can lay 50 eggs a day or 27 eggs a day on average continuously for 100 days)

If the eggs survive without falling off, it develops into a larva then into an adult flea.

If the eggs fall off as a result of shaking, lying down, scratches by the host both the home, garden or yard gets infested.

Between 1-6 days the egg develops into larvae and hide in the carpets or grass, between a week or two, it then spins itself into a cocoon.

This is when the larva matures to adult flea while inside the cocoon and wait to transfer itself to any host it comes into contact with.

If the adult flea pre emerges from the cacoon, it can survive up to a month or more if its a suitable condition or environment like the home.

Dangers of flea bites

Apart from causing scab, scratching, irritations and the chewing of skin, fleas bite can have more serious outcomes than mentioned above which includes:

Anemia: Fleas can eat the twice their size in blood, or 15 times their body weight causing huge loss of blood for their victim which can cause anemia in dogs.

Flea allergy dermatitis: It is common for dogs infested with fleas to develop these disease caused by an allergic reaction to flea saliva. This then can lead to itchiness, skin infections, hair loss, scaly skin, and skin irritation.

Tapeworm: Fleas infested dogs can scratch, chew, lick and bite those itching spots, in the process they can swallow or eat fleas with tapeworm eggs. These eggs usually find itself in the small intestine where it hatches into mature adult tapeworms.

What do fleas look like to the human eye?

To know what do fleas look like to the human eye, you first understand what fleas are, how they grow and how the feed. But knowing all these is not enough to spot one when you see it. I have added an image below to show you and answer your question on what do fleas look like to the human eye. The adult fleas are between 1 to 4 mm long and are either black or dark brown. Once these tiny parasites feed on your blood, the turn dark reddish-brown, and this is how they always want to appear. Even though they are very small in size, they can be seen by naked eyes, but the flea eggs and flea dirt are tinier to the human eye.

What Do Fleas Look Like

Natural methods to get rid of fleas on your Dog

1. A Flea Comb

A flea comb is the most convenient and most efficient method of getting rid of fleas. This flea comb will help clear out larvae and eggs, while using the flea comb with narrow teeth, make sure the fur on your pet dog is not tangled to prevent discomfort when you comb it.

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2. Using Dog Shampoo

After you bathe your pet with shampoo, do not let the pet run around on the grass or yards where fleas live. Continue to comb the pet’s fur completely and bag all the fleas.

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3. Use apple cider vinegar

Add 1 x teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into a quarter-liter of water and wash your pet fur with the mixture. The apple cider vinegar keeps the skin/coat of your dog little acidic to help fend off fleas and ticks.

Apple cider vinegar may be good the pet’s coat, it is wise not to use apple cider directly on dog’s skin, doing this can damage dog skin. Visit your vet to know the right quantity to use.

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What Do Fleas Look Like

4. Wash bed linen

Wash all bed linen used by your dog and any other materials used. Also, use strong cleaning agent around the house, this will help to eradicate those larvae, fleas, and eggs. When washing and drying the linen, make sure to use high temperature so to kill off those fleas.

5. Use boric acid powder

Spray boric powder around the house and after some days both the eggs and larvae will dry up. After this, all you have to do is vacuum away the particles and the boric acid powder. You can also use boric acid powder (or Borax) to dust locations that are not exposed to sunshine and locations where the humidity is greater than 50 percent. Making sure that your dog does not lick off the boric acid powder as some canines may try to lick it.

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6. Flea collar

You can also do a DIY flea remedy, to do this, you will need 2 drops of lavender oil or tea tree oil, add it about 300mls of water. You can spray the mixture on your dog, or soak a kerchief into the mixture and tie it around the dog’s neck. This mixture irritates fleas and making them avoid the host.

You can also try the flea and tick collar.

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7. Regularly vacuum the flooring

Fleas like warm and damp locations where they live and spread like wildfire, you will need to regularly vacuum your home and hidden corners of the floor, even those hard to reach corners.

A word of caution

The majority of oils used for getting rid of fleas are natural and effective methods of eliminating eggs, fleas, and larvae, however, excess amounts might damage your dog skin and trigger a lot of problems.

Vacuuming your floor all the time and keeping the dog clean and healthy, regularly grooming them are some simple procedures you need to take. You may want to try some natural fragrant such as dried cedar chips and lemon skins to keep fleas far from your environments.

Consult your vet for the ideal amounts that will assist keep fleas at bay without hurting your pet. It mostly depends upon the portion of the concentration of the oil in concern and the resistance and health of your pet.

If they get the opportunity, fleas do not typically infest human beings like they infest dogs, however, they do bite human beings. To prevent flea invasions and getting bitten, eliminating the fleas is crucial.

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