What Muscles Does Chin Ups Work on?

The chin up is a strength training exercise involving raising oneself’s body up with your arms by pulling up against a bar above your head.

People usually do this exercise with the aim of strengthening muscles.

Chin ups work the muscles of the shoulder, upper back and arms, these muscles include the pectoralis major of the chest and the latissimus, trapezius, rhomboids and teres major of the upper back.

Below we have listed the muscles chin ups work on in details.

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The Biceps

When doing chin up exercises, you pull yourself up towards the chin up bar flexing your elbow and pulling your hands towars your shoulders. This is the major responsibility of the biceps muscles. Therefore when you do chin ups, your biceps are the main focus.

The Back Muscles

The muscles involved at the back when doing chin-ups is the latissimus dorsi flat muscle. It is located in your lower to the middle back and then extends all the way into the shoulders.

When well developed the Dorsi muscle becomes visible on the sides of the torso. Chin-ups exercises focus on developing these muscles.

The Chest

The dominant muscle found in the upper chest is the pectoralis major. It is large and fan – shaped, it stretches from the armpit up to the collarbone and down across the lower chest region on both sides of the chest. When training, chin ups focuses on this muscle.

The Abs

The muscles found in the abs are the rectus abdominals and they are the muscles that are responsible for creating the “six-pack” when exercising.

When you are hanging and trying to lift yourself up over the bar, the abs keep your body in a straight line and they also keep control of your legs and torso when pulling up.

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Whether your goal is to become an athlete or you are just exercising to stay fit, chin up variations should have a place in your Workouts programs.

Below are the top benefits of chin ups:

  • Chin-ups’ ability to strengthen a significant number of muscles is its biggest benefit, they work on a number of muscles than any machine. Big lifts equal big strength gains and big fat loss.
  • Chin-ups are a catalyst for Biceps growth and they force you to handle you right which is good because it is a crucial aspect of success in most training and sports.
  • Chin-ups training/ exercising strengthens and protects your body from injuries and also improves your stamina.
  • Chin-ups are a great workout releasing large amounts of anabolic hormones.
  • Another awesome benefit of chin-up is its versatility.

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